The Blockchain

for Art.

Igniting an art revolution. Liberate artists on a single, decentralized, currency for Art.

Tokenize, own, and experience art in all its forms. Fuel creativity, foster direct artist funding, and transcend boundaries.

Unleash the power of art as a medium for freedom and limitless expression. Step into a world where art knows no bounds.

Authentic Ownership

Truly own art! Trade fractions of real-world assets, physical and digital, on a global market, with real legal ownership.  No doubts, just verifiable proof.

Empowering Artists

Join the creative revolution. JMES's community empowers on-chain artists by funding them directly from the blockchain. No middlemen, no gatekeepers.  Ignite their passions, fuel the creative revolution.

Powered by DAOs

Powered by a network of community- governed DAOs, directly funded by the blockchain. Realize your ideas, add value without centralised control. Unleash the collective power, shape the future of Art.

Engaging Community

Immerse in an electrifying community. JMES sparks connections through physical spaces - museums, galleries and events, as well as online digital experiences. Engage, connect, fuel your artistic soul.

Get started


Set up a validator, and earn JMES coins while supporting the network.



Unveil the groundbreaking blockchain tech: decentralised governance, funding, artist incentivization, and authentic ownership of real-world assets on-chain.



Explore the JMES release roadmap and contribute towards revolutionizing the art industry with full incentivisation and decentralisation.