Join the set of 100 Validators without a stake in a fair launch starting November 2023 - no ICO involved.

Membership rotates based on stake weight. After 28 days, the protocol will only allow validators with a stake into the set.


JOIN the



Setup a validator

Earn coins and be a vital part of the JMES blockchain. Set up your validator node now to secure the network, earn rewards, and contribute to the future of art on the blockchain. Start validating and earning today!



Install Keplr, the Cosmos-compatible wallet, for instant access to JMES. Store and easily spend your JMES tokens with Keplr's user-friendly features.

JMES Mobile App

Coming soon! JMES Mobile App wallet with forthcoming marketplace to trade and store your assets. Discover exciting events and connect with fellow JMES users. Stay tuned!

Tools & Resources

Block Explorer

Explore the official JMES block explorer to dive into the activity happening on the blockchain. Gain insights into transactions, addresses, and the overall state of the network.

Governance Website

Create, fund, and vote on DAO proposals directly via the blockchain using our Governance Webapp. Shape the future of JMES together.


Visit the JMES faucet to claim your initial JMES coins and get started on the blockchain. Obtain your first tokens and begin exploring the JMES ecosystem.

Official Documentation

Docs on JMES, from the Whitepaper and design philosophy to diving into the codebase and contributing to the project's growth.