Empowering a new art industry through decentralised governance, Artist incentives and community-driven DAOs.

JMES is powered by a native PoS Validator blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK,  fairly-launched with a 10.4% founder-premine.

Decentralised Autonomous Organizations

Creating DAOs

Community members create DAOs (e.g., Art dealers, Artist incubators, Events organizers or software developers) to support Art and Artists.

DAOs earn upto 45% of total block rewards, mining the blockchain by adding value to the network. Welcome to the first true DAOs.

Funding &

DAOs propose on-chain funding ideas, empowering artists and entrepreneurs on JMES.

Community votes bypass centralised control. Unleash the power of decentralised funding for limitless creativity.

Core DAOs

Core DAOs on JMES replace traditional centralised core teams, enabling decentralised leadership for sustainable growth. Proposing ideas, allocating funds, and guiding the ecosystem, they foster a resilient and diverse community-driven model.

Unleash the potential of decentralised leadership.

Official Status &

Empower your DAO on JMES with Official Status and Features. Gain credibility, influence, and unique capabilities like art curation and event organization.

Let the community recognize and unlock the full potential of your DAO. Make it Official on JMES!

Tokenizing Real-World Assets

Reinventing Ownership

Art-Dealer DAOs on JMES bridge legal and  on-chain ownership, enabling the first true ownership of tokenised assets.

Off-chain legal ownership obeys on-chain private key ownership, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience. Experience true ownership of tokenised assets on JMES.

Custody & Showcasing

Artworks purchased by Dealer DAOs on JMES are securely custodied in physical spaces operated by community Museum DAOs.

Museums handle compliance, insurance, and provide a space for JMES community members to enjoy the assets and attract new visitors to JMES.

Asset Governance, Markets

Token holders can govern asset storage, exhibitions, and yield options. Instantly trade tokens on blockchain marketplaces, transferring both chain and legal ownership seamlessly.

Unleash collective decision-making for maximum value and true decentralization.

Lock Art, Unlock Value

Assets exclusively trade for JMES, driving demand for the currency and maximizing Total Value Locked (TVL) of Art on the blockchain.

However, fraction holders may still vote to unlock the assets by selling them off-chain to buyers who can redeem the assets by taking physical custody.

Empowering Artists on-chain

Direct Funding for Artists

Enabling Artists to embrace the freedom of the blockchain. Access direct funding opportunities from the community or through Artist Incubators, bypassing legacy Art industry gatekeepers.

Earn a living by creating art that resonates. We have one message to Artists: We fund you!

Art in the Real WorlD

Immerse yourself in the power of direct artist-to-audience connections at physical spaces hosted by DAOs.

Explore and enjoy tokenized art, meet artists, and use JMES as real currency to access global venues, purchase artwork, and connect with free-minded individuals who appreciate art.